Bed of Roses, Images for Wedding Photography


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This image was taken during my bridal shoot for Abbie before her LDS Temple wedding at the Redlands temple.  We bought a ton of rose petals, threw a sheet over her bed, and started dropping the petals as she laughed…I just love natural smiles.

Camera settings: Nikon D700, 1/80 sec at f/1.8, 20mm at ISO 200, flash fired.  Taken at 7:05pm.

Wedding Couple shoot in Laguna Beach Canyon from an LDS Temple Wedding


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This image was taken at my wedding for Kristina and Michael in Laguna Canyon after they were married at the Newport Beach LDS Temple.  It was a beautiful wedding with a ton of amazing picture opportunities!

Camera settings: Nikon D3, 1/400 sec at f/5.0, 28mm at ISO 400, flash did not fire.  Taken at 2:46pm.

Redlands Temple Couple Shoot at an LDS Temple Wedding


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The time after a couple is officially married is so special. It allows you to capture and for them to express the love they have for each other. It's usually the most exciting part of the day for the wedding couple. This image was taken at my LDS Temple wedding for Brady and Abbie Bluhm at the Redlands Temple. Composed the shot by having her take her feet back and him bringing his in….

Camera settings: Nikon D3, 1/320 sec at f/11, 20mm at ISO 500, flash did not fire. Taken at 5:02pm.

Laguna Beach Canyon Bridals at a LDS Temple Wedding


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This image was taken at my wedding for Mike and Kristina for my LDS Temple Wedding.  After they were married at the Newport Beach Temple we went down to Laguna Beach for a shoot.  While driving down there we passed through Laguna Canyon, and when I looked out my window and saw the scenery I took the time to take us out and get some shots.  It's one of the things I really love about LDS weddings…you have a large amount of time between the temple ceremony and the reception, so you have opportunities for images like this…

Camera settings: Nikon D700, 1/400 sec at f/5.0, 28mm at ISO 400, flash did not fire.  Taken at 2:48pm.

Los Angeles LDS Temple Wedding Stair Kiss


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Sometimes the sweetest things in life are the most simple things in life. I loved this shot of Cameron and Whitney because of that…it was just a sweet moment between the wedding couple as they came out of the temple to the cheering of their friends and family. Completely unposed, just a simple moment where they shared a kiss…

LDS Temple Weddings Website New Cover Image


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This image is of the beautiful bride Kristina Nash and is the cover image for my new website This background effect wasn’t created in Photoshop….it was done out of necessity because of the environment that was present on her wedding day. They were married at the Newport Beach Temple and we went down to Laguna Beach afterwards to do their couple shoot.

Well, a THICK layer of fog rolled in, but due to it being mid-day the sun was still fighting to get through. By knowing how to expose for this situation and by using my flash we were able create this image…she was actually standing on top of a rock at the beach for me to get this angle. Later on we had their Reception at the Christmas House Inn and Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga.

Brides, make sure to hire photographers who know what they are doing for your wedding day. It DOES make a difference..


(Not disparaging newer photographers. If you are new, get some experience under a mentor before you start shooting paid weddings)…

LDS Temple Wedding Reception


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This image was taken at my wedding for Kristina and Mike during their reception.  They were married earlier in the day at the Newport Beach Temple, and held their wedding reception at the Christmas House Inn and Gardens.  Congrats!

LDS Temple Couple Shoot at the Newport Beach Temple


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This image was taken at my wedding for Kristina and Michael at the Newport Beach Temple in Southern California.  This couple just exuded love and happiness and it was such a joy to shoot their wedding…

LDS Temple Wedding Group Family Shots


This is probably the funnest group shot I’ve ever taken for many reasons.  One, the group was so lively and fun.  Two, the background was amazing.  And three, the exposure settings were so conducive to lighting the group.  I can’t explain why, but for some reason LDS weddings always seem to deliver on fantastic group shots.  Can’t wait to do more!

Raising Her Up at the Los Angeles Temple


This image was taken of my bride and groom Cameron and Whitney at the Los Angeles Temple.  I always love to create movements and moments between the couple that end up displaying the love they feel for each other.  Thanks Cameron and Whitney for letting me be part of your day!


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